A Solution to a Global Health Crisis


Part 1: Spinning Disk

Single-use spinning disk separates pathogens from whole blood.

a U.S. Patented Process

Our breakthrough sepsis test

Step 1

Blood with bacteria is placed into the disk

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Step 2

Spin the blood

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Step 3

Separate pathogens from interferents via sedimentary forces

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Step 4

Slow at a precise rate to separate plasma from the interferents and prevent remixing

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Part 2: Pentaplex qPCR Assay

Use Pentaplex qPCR Assay to detect pathogens.

Detects top 5 most dangerous sepsis causing pathogens within 1 hour. Research and development currently underway is expanding our coverage to 30+ pathogens and resistance genes.

Developed over 5 years with $5M in funding by National Institutes of Health.

a U.S. Patent Pending Process
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Rapid Sepsis Test

How do we compare?

Diagnostic Ventures

1 hour


$20,000 Instrument Cost


Currently identifies the deadliest 5 pathogens. The R&D underway includes up to 30+ targets.

GenMark Diagnostics (Roche)

17.5 hours


$165,000 Instrument Cost

T2 Biosystems

3 - 5 hours


$125,000  Instrument Cost

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1. Kumar A, et al. Crit Care Med2006;34:1589-1596 7.6% increase of mortality