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Diagnostic technology solutions for time critical conditions.

Our rapid sepsis diagnostic test delivers results in 1 hour.

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Founded in 2022 and located in Utah, Diagnostic Ventures is focused on optimizing diagnostic technologies to improve rapid diagnostics and patient outcomes. Our company has assembled recognized leaders in both clinical and commercial diagnostics to address key challenges in both diagnosing disease and in healthcare overall. Diagnostic Ventures is focused on advancing rapid diagnostics technology and tackling some of the more difficult problems in infectious disease identification. By leveraging new approaches to diagnostic technology as well as assembling advisors and partners, Diagnostic Ventures is driven by challenging status quo thinking to address key issues in diagnosing disease.

Our mission

We're building diagnostic technology to provide life saving sepsis tests that meet the needs of healthcare providers and their patients.

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Brian Bentley

Founder, CEO

Meet our team

Over 150 Years of Experience

Our team of dedicated researchers & healthcare professionals have been leading in their respective fields for decades. With a proven track record, they have now turned their attention to solve one of the world's most deadly problems - sepsis.

Building a better tomorrow through diagnostic advances