Advancing Rapid Sepsis Detection

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Diagnostic Ventures is proud to work with leading PhD researchers at Brigham Young University. Our rapid sepsis diagnostic technology has been in development since 2016 and can currently detect the 5 most deadly sepsis pathogens in as little as 1 hour without a blood culture.

Originally funded by a $5.2M grant from the National Institute of Health, testing is being expanded to cover 30+ sepsis-causing pathogens and resistance genes.

This product is under development and not approved for sale. This product is not yet FDA approved.


Our breakthrough sepsis test

Step 1

Blood with bacteria is placed into the disk

services image

Step 2

Spin the blood

services image

Step 3

Separate pathogens from interferents via sedimentary forces

services image

Step 4

Slow at a precise rate to separate plasma from the interferents and prevent remixing

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